Increase Focus,
Decrease Procrastination

Increase Focus,
Decrease Procrastination

Focus Cycles Productivity System

Focus Cycles has developed a unique productivity system.

We have used the system to help many entrepreneurs and creative people to get more things done and enjoy their work more. Many of our clients have been able to do this while working from a home office or even travelling the world.

The System has the following components:

Focus Cycles Products

Productivity Book

Home Office Productivity Book

In the Home Office Productivity Book you learn how to be 2x productive while working remotely or travelling.

Productivity Course

Home Office Productivity Course

The Home Office Productivity Course is composed of over 40 video lessons that teach productivity hacks, limiting procrastination, focus, and staying organized.


Productivity Mastermind

The Mastermind is an online group of like minded individuals, mainly creatives, entrepreneurs and digital nomads, that advise each other on staying productive. We have bi-weekly calls discussing productivity hacks.


Personal Productivity Coach

Get your own productivity coach that works with you 1-on-1 to plan your week, check your accomplishments and make you more productive

Focus Toolkit

Focus Toolkit

The Focus Toolkit is a Google Sheet that helps you do a Brain Dump, structure your work, get organized and stay productive.


Focus Software

Our Focus Software, called Workiamo, is based on the Focus Cycles Work System and helps you to stay focused and more productive.