Home Office Productivity Book

Learn the best productivity hacks to gain more productivity, happiness and freedom, while working from home or traveling.

Home Office Productivity Hacks

Hi! I am Eike. I have been a digital nomad for over 10 years. 10 years ago I was the exception. But nowadays with the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of people have started to work remotely and many of them are finding it a challenge to remain productive. 

This book shows you how to become not only more productive but less stressed and happier at work. It is specifically written for those people that are able to work remotely and therefore have to self-organize themselves.

The productivity hacks presented in this book are original, and tested by us as well as by our clients. They have made us and our clients become way more organized and productive at work while working from home or in many cases travelling the world.  

If you want to become more productive and happier, read this book!

Book Content

The content of the book can be divided into these 6 sections:

Goal Pyramid
How to make mind sweeps
How to make goal pyramids
How to set goals the right way
How to split goals into tasks

Top Focus
How to make a list of anti-goals
How to know what to focus on today
How to prioritize
Focus Cyles
How to work in focus cycles
How to create a weekly plan
How to make a daily task list
Time & Analytics
How to estimate work effort in an agile way
How to do self time tracking
How to get analytics on your work
Focus Team
How to work in the most effective agile way
How to hold the best meetings
How to work with a productivity coach
How to increase productivity by working in pairs
Focus Workspace
How to find the ideal remote work arrangement
How to ensure that your workspace leads to productivity
How to work standing or walking
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Home Office Productivity Book

I’m so confident that you’ll love the Home Office Productivity Book, that I’ll let you read it for a full 30 days risk free. If the content does not significantly improve your productivity, then send me an email and I’ll refund your full payment; no questions asked.

Who Will Benefit From

Home Office Productivity Book

this Book and How?

This book contains advice that has the potential to transform the life of any knowledge worker, and in particular:

👉 Entrepreneurs

👉 Managers

👉 Remote knowledge workers

👉 Artists & Creatives

In other words, the book is for any knowledge or creative worker. In particular, it is for people that face the following challenges:

👉 Overwhelmed with tasks and projects,

👉 In search of work-life balance,

👉 Looking to become more productive.

Besides helping you with the above challenges, this book wants to achieve something even bigger: it aims to make you more successful and happier!

How to be successful in your life depends on your individual situation. So we are not able to give you advice on what to do specifically. However, every success in any area of your life is built on the same principles:

👉 Define what you want

👉 Plan what needs to be done

👉 Cut out everything else that is not required

👉 Get those important required tasks executed

👉 Review progress regularly

This formula is the foundation of any success as well as the essence of this book. We will show you how to implement this formula and thereby become more successful.

In addition, if you apply the principles of this book you will become a happier person. You will be happier because you will see constant progress in achieving your goals. Also, you will feel less overwhelmed and stressed and be in a state of productive flow more often.

So our promises to you if you apply the principles of this book are:

👉 More success!

👉 More happiness!

How is this book different?

You will find that this book is different from any other book you have read on productivity, time management or generally success. The main differences come from:

👉 Focus on implementation

👉 Proven strategies

👉 Original content

Focus on implementation means that we will not go into depth on why certain things work nor the research behind them. Instead, we just give you specific advice on how to achieve your goals, be more successful and happier.

The other main difference to other books is that every advice in this book has been tried and tested by the authors themselves. In that process we discovered that a lot of popular advice simply does not work in practise. The advice you find here are productivity hacks that we have seen to give great results.

Finally, this book is different in that most of its content is original. This is different from the majority of books written by journalists or bloggers that mostly just copy and summarize from other authors.



Dr. Eike Post

Eike has been a productivity nerd for over 20 years. At 15 he was about to drop out of high school. Then he learned about productivity and was able to finish university with 19, earned 3 Bachelors, 3 Masters and a PhD at 25 (UC Berkeley, Cornell). Founded and invested in many businesses while travelling the world. Mentored many startups founders on how to get more done while working remotely.


Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina is widely recognized as one of the most successful personal development bloggers in the world, with his work attracting more than 100 million visits to StevePavlina.com.


Nayely Reinaga

Nayely has experience advising different types of companies in productivity and project management. She is certified as Scrum Master and Agile Coach.


Duncan Dalzel-Job

Duncan is an architect with over 20 years’ experience of designing homes and corporate environments.

Home Office Productivity Book

Learn the best productivity hacks to gain more productivity, happiness and freedom, while working from home or traveling.