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Productivity Coach

👉 Your personal productivity coach analyzes and tracks your productivity and makes the weekly plan and weekly review with you. In addition, she serves as your personal accountability buddy.

👉 The cost of a productivity coach can be as low as 80 USD per week.

What Is a Productivity Coach?

A productivity coach is a person that works in a similar way as a life coach but with the special focus on productivity. That means that every week she will establish with you your weekly goals and review the accomplishments at the end of the week. If you are not achieving the things you had set for yourself, she will analyse with you the reasons and work together with you on continuously improving your productivity. 

You can find out more about the benefits and the process of productivity coaching in this article:

How Does Our Productivity Coaching Work?

This coaching consists of the following:
Introduction week
An intensive introduction week, in which our personal productivity coach will personally spend around 6 hours with you. In this week we assess your productivity and focus and see what works well and what can be improved. At the end we will establish a personal productivity system made according to your situation and requirement. 
Weekly planning and reviewing
After this week your productivity coach meets with you via video conferences for 1 hours every week. During this meeting the coach reviews the progress you have made over the last week and compares it to your weekly plan. The coach also helps you plan the week for the upcoming week.
Weekly monitoring
During the week the coach monitors your daily progress towards your goals and if necessary will remind you to not get distracted by busy work and instead focus on the goals you had set in your weekly plan.

Get Your Personal Productivity Coach

The cost of your personal productivity coach is 890 EUR for the intense introductory week and 590 EUR per month.
If you are interested in getting your productivity coach or you just want to ask us a question about it, book a call with us.