A team of digital nomads

We are a team of entrepreneurs, digital nomads, designers and IT developers passionate about productivity.
We are living and working across the globe (Barcelona & Alicante in Spain, Cochabamba in Bolivia, La Plata in Argentina, Merida in Venezuela, Funchal in Madeira).

Our Team

Eike, CEO

Bachelor, Master and PhD in Economics, Management and Law; Cornell and Berkeley.
Former tax advisor and consultant at Deloitte.
15+ years experience as manager of a company builder and founder of IT companies.
Specialized in online marketing and product management.

Mark, CTO

Software architect, developer and entrepreneur.
Over two decades of commercial experience as software developer and 13+ years owner of an agency.
Main developer of the project management system, Dooster.net
Specialized in software architecture and IT project management.

Nayely, COO

Production Engineer and Industrial Engineer. Master degree in Corporate Strategy; Nice-Sophia Antipolis.
Certified as Scrum Master and Agile Coach.
10+ years of experience in business development and project management.
Implemented productivity improvements as a consultant in several companies.

Front-end developer

Licentiate degree in Informatics, National University of La Plata.
Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience creating different types of software, from large enterprise systems for a Fortune 500 company to smaller web applications for startups.
Specialized in Front-End development with Angular.

Back-end developer

Systems Engineer, Instituto Universitario Politécnico “Santiago Mariño”.
Software Engineer with 2+ years of experience developing back-end as freelance for different companies web applications.
Specialized in Back-End with Python.

UI/UX Designer

Degree in Multimedia Design, Universidade da Beira Interior.
Designed multiple mobile apps, websites and an augmented-reality app for sports.