Welcome to Focus Cycles.

We help you:

  • Gain focus
  • Accomplishing your goals
  • Have more fun at work

Focus Cycles has developed a unique productivity system with the following components:

  • Goal Pyramids
  • Top Focus
  • Focus Cycle
  • Time & Analytics
  • Focus Team
  • Focus Workspace

We have used our system to help many entrepreneurs and creative people to get more things done, enjoy their work more and often while working from a home office or travelling the world.

Focus Cycles can help you in different ways:

  • Our Mastermind
  • Our Book
  • Our Coaching
  • Our Software

We started to put the system and many productivity hack into a Mastermind, so that more people could benefit from them.  You can find out about the Mastermind: Focus Mastermind

We have put our knowledge on productivity and in particular stress free productivity while working remotely into a book, called Remote Productivity Hacks. You can find out about the book: Focus Book

First applied the system to help myself and later helped many startup founders. Very recently I started to provide personal productivity and focus coaching to a few executives.  You can find out about my work in here: Focus Coaching

Finally, we put my way of working with the total focus system into a software, called Workiamo. You can find out about: Focus Software