More Focus,
Less Distraction

The Focus Toolkit

More Focus,
Less Distraction

The Focus Toolkit helps you to: 

👉 be less distracted
👉 be more focused
👉 set the right priorities
👉 do the right task at the right time

Imagine what your life could look like if you could just . . .
stop getting distracted and truly focus

  • It’s holding you back in work and in life, leaving you mentally exhausted.
  • It’s causing you stress as you’re constantly playing catch-up with deadlines.
  • You’ve tried many things but nothing seems to work.
  • You’ve never had the tools, solutions and frameworks in place to really guide your focus.

That is why we created … The Focus Toolkit ..

  • No apps required
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Not a bulky notebook or journal
  • No monthly subscription

It’s a way to organise your tasks, your career, your whole life – in a single place. No paper, and no complicated tech.

Tool Kit Elements

Mental & Physical States

Categorise tasks by mental energy and physical energy, so you're always doing the right job at the right time.

​ To-Do Power List

Sort your tasks based on size, scope and the type of mental zone you need to be in to do it well.

Decision Maker

Not sure which way to go? Score your options using our formula, and let the tool make a call for you.

Structured Brain Dump

Expand, kill or combine? Jot down random musings and sort them out, one by one.

"It immediately changed the way I work. I can now say I'm actually productive!"

Hi! I’m Eike – and some of you may know me from productivity courses I am leading within Focus Cycles.

At Focus Cycles we advise our clients to work in Focus Cycles. Focus Cycles can be a year, a month, a week or a day. Basically it is a period of work time that is started with a work plan and ended with a work review.

So, I set about making a tool that:

  • Delivered instant results, without the need of months or years of work
  • Was built to cater for the unique way procrastinating brains operate
  • Would help me connect my big goals with the tasks I want to work on next

It started off as a personal tool – something to help me through my busy workload as owner of several companies working with several remote teams. But I soon noticed that the people I shared this toolkit with all found it as useful as I did.

Creating Freedom

Working remotely while being productive has given me much more than just more productivity; it has given me freedom. The freedom to travel to anywhere at any time while continuing to get results done.

Below are some of the places I visited over the last year.

Three places
Two Places

Unlock your potential with our Focus Toolkit

You'll focus on the right
task at the right time

“Mental & Physical States” allow you to list the tasks you do – regularly or occasionally – then map them to a certain type of “Mental & Physical States” where you're most likely to want to do that job. This means you'll spend more time going with the flow – and less time fighting against your brain.

To Do Power List

You'll unlock the real power of To-Do lists

We all know we're supposed to keep To-Do lists. But how we organise them is so much more important than what we write on them. This powered-up list formula allows you to categorise tasks by effort and time – and crucially, by “Mental & Physical States”

You'll stop struggling
with decisions

Most procrastinators tend to struggle with making decisions – not just big ones, but little day-to-day ones too. Our decision-maker tool allows you to weigh up your options, and uses a formula to choose the path forward that's right for you.

Structured Brain Dump

You'll organize all your thoughts and free your mind

The Focus Toolkit allows you free your mind by doing a "Brain Dump" – an expansive process where you get out as many details as possible in a short time. It also allows you to get structure to your brain dump. "

Simple yet powerful tool - and built to suit your workflow

The last thing you need is another app on your phone that you’ll try (and fall) to work into your daily routine

Procrastinators tend to quit when new things get too tricky – and so I know how important it was that this would be a natural addition to my day.

It’s built in Google Sheets, meaning it works on any browser on almost any device.

We’ve done all the hard work formatting, designing and colour-coding so that all you have to do is follow the steps and live a more focused life.

Focus Cycles - Instructions

Detailed instructions

We’ve included a sheet of instructions so you can understand what it is your during – and why it will help!

Integrated tips

Unsure about what something does or how it affects you? Hover over for helpful in product tips!

Mood Modes

Included samples

We’ve got some sample content in the tools that from the moment you open it you’ll be able to experiment!

Price of the Focus Toolkit

Mental & Physical States: 


Decision Maker:


To-Do Power List: 


Structured Brain Dump: 




Special Offer: $97

Special Instagram deal : $16

One-time purchase – no recurring fees!

… and that’s just a fraction of the value of the time you’ll immediately win back once you begin using this tool


Got questions? We’re happy to help!

It’s a spreadsheet-based app for focus and productivity – featuring a thoughts and ideas organiser, a decision-making tool, a powered-up To-Do list and a tool for mapping your “Mental & Physical States” .

These are states we all tend to drift in and out of – and they predispose us to certain kinds of tasks. Understanding these is key to “going with the flow”.

As soon as you purchase, you’ll receive a link to create your very own copy of the tool. As this is a digital product, we have a limited refund policy – if you’re not happy with your purchase, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to sort things out!

Nope, this is a one-time payment – once you’ve purchased the tool, it’s yours to keep forever!

The Focus Toolkit

This is your chance to experience a better way of working

👉 Focus better.
👉 Achieve more.
👉 Get less distracted.