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Workiamo is the perfect software to work with the Focus Cycle Work System. Preregister to be the first to receive a free version.

In order to make the implementation of the total focus system easier, we are soon launching a software called Workiamo that incorporates all our productivity and focus hacks.

Why did we launch a new software?

Believe us, we never had the intention to build a software and it took as much more time to finalize development than we thought it would. But it was worth. It was worth it because all other work softwares we tried, such as Jira, Trello and Asana, could not fulfill our requirements. These are just a few problems we found:

❌  Too complex

❌ Too much time and effort to use them

❌  No support for goal pyramids

❌ No support for sprints and focus cycles

❌ No analytics and timing

For that reason we developed a work management software that adjusts perfectly to the Focus Cycles Work System. It is called Workiamo.

Is Workiamo for you?

Workiamo allows you to:

👉 Easily create weekly sprints and daily tasks lists

👉 Have all different task lists (monthly, weekly and daily) in sync

👉 Make easy to move tasks between different task lists

👉 Combine personal and professional sprint just one daily tasklist

👉 Schedule tasks

Workiamo can bring enormous benefits to almost any person. But to get the most out of the software it helps if you have a certain way of working or at least are willing to adopt such a way.

To find out if you are an ideal user you can take a quiz.